Specialty Lines Insurance Brokers

In Case of A Loss


When the misfortune of loss occurs, we have outlined some helpful information to expedite your claim and get you back enjoying the sport you love.

Protect the property from further damage.

If your watercraft has taken on water, make the necessary arrangements to recover and protect it from further damage.  If any machinery has been submerged, it must be immediately flushed and properly lubricated to prevent further damage.

Document what happened.

Make notes; we need to know exactly what happened.  If possible, take photographs of the damages.  Record the names, addresses and phone numbers of any other involved people, including witnesses.  Please make a notation of who may have been injured.

Report the accident, theft or vandalism to the police.

If the loss involves another party, report the occurrence to the police immediately.  The policy also requires that any theft or vandalism loss be reported to the police or proper authorities.

Choose a repairer.

When reporting the claim, it is helpful to have your repairer's contact information.

Notify us as soon as possible.

You can reach us toll free at: (877) 526-2628.